Dr Anthony Puljich

Dr Anthony Puljich

Meet Dr Anthony Puljich

Dr Anthony Puljich is a born and bred Gold Coast local who returned home after completing his undergraduate degree at The University of Adelaide in 2005.

Commencing work in private practice, he performed a wide range of dental procedures on patients of all ages. In 2014, he finished postgraduate studies in dental implant therapy and focused his clinical practice on cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. After appreciating the importance of gum health for cosmetic and dental implant longevity, he completed further postgraduate training to become a specialist periodontist. Periodontists are dentists who complete a further 3 years of full-time study in the area of gum health and aesthetics.

Dr Puljich has a special interest in assisting general dentists expand their knowledge and skill base to provide comprehensive dental care to their patients. As both an owner of his clinic and a history of mentoring and supporting dentists with various levels of experience, he understands the difficulty general dentists have in undertaking complex dental treatment due to a gap in skills or knowledge in one particular aspect of dentistry.

By working closely with referring practitioners, he hopes to provide support in providing high quality dental care to their own patients and assist them in long-term maintenance.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Puljich is involved in a range of community pursuits. As a father of four young children, he understands the role a strong, vibrant community has to assist people achieve their maximum potential.


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