Air Flow

Air Flow

Airflow is a very advanced handpiece used by Dr Anthony Puljich and is the first developed of its kind. It meets the most stringent requirements of modern professional tooth cleaning allowing our team to provide patients with an enhanced experience during the full spectrum of sub and supragingival treatments.

Airflow therapy acts as a pain-free hygiene treatment that in 30 minutes, can remove stains up to three times faster than traditional polishing systems, leaving your smile feeling fresh and brighter without harming your teeth.

This technology works by using a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles and offers the most comprehensive removal of biofilm, removing it from impossible areas such as deep pits and periodontal pockets.

It is recommended that our patients include an airflow procedure twice a year in their dental hygiene routine to prevent the heavy build-up of plaque and avoid the risk of gum disease.

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