Trioss Scanner+

Trioss Scanner+

The Trios Intraoral Scanner is the latest technology of its kind that utilises optical technology to revolutionise the way we can take impressions from our patient’s teeth, offering high accuracy and precision.

Taking the form of a handheld device, the Trioss Scanner emits a light source onto the scan objects, and then a 3D model processed by the scanning software will be displayed in real-time.

This technology allows our specialists to take highly accurate and precise scans of your dentition without having to use moulds to get an impression. The device scans your teeth within a matter of seconds. It is more comfortable in comparison to the traditional impression-taking method.

Our team can show you the 3D images of the digital scan on the screen. This way, you can personally view the condition of your teeth and discuss any of your concerns with us. This technology also helps us to monitor and track the changes in your oral health, and aids in the early identification of dental conditions.

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