Dental Implant Removal

Dental Implant Removal

Dental implant removal

Dental implants tend to be safe and effective procedures, however there are occasions where dental implants may need to be removed even if they’ve been in function for many years. It is important to carefully manage the removal process to give you the best chance to maintain function and aesthetics, as well as having a suitable replacement in the future.

During the implant removal process, it is often a good idea to perform a bone and gum graft to assist the healing process. This will increase the chances of placing a subsequent implant or provide a suitable base for another tooth replacement option. In cases of large infections, it may not be possible to graft the area and it is important to allow the site to heal naturally.

The decision to remove an implant is not one to take lightly, but it is important not to leave the decision until its too late.

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