Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery

Correctly positioning your dental implant is a delicate balancing act between your jaw bone and the desired location of your implant prosthesis. Digital workflows allows your surgeon and restoring dentist to work together and plan to achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of risk. Jawbone can have significant individual variation in size and shape, as well as containing significant nerves and blood vessels. Careful planning is required to place the implant fixture within the jaw bone to create suitable support for your implant prosthesis.

Guided dental implant surgery utilises innovative digital technology and techniques to maximise patient comfort and increase the predictability and accuracy for successful dental implant surgery. This effective process utilises advanced dental technology and involves:

Performing a full assessment of the jaw, mouth, and missing teeth while taking a digital impression and 3D scan.
Constructing a mouthguard-like template with a hole constructed exactly where the implant will be placed
Placing the template over the teeth so the hole for the implant can be drilled with precision and accuracy during the surgery

This allows for accurate dental implant placement and reduces the risk of unwanted surgical events as well as providing a better patient experience.

If you are suffering from missing teeth, Dr Puljich will discuss whether implants are the right treatment option for you.

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