Management of Gum Recession

Management of Gum Recession

Gum Recession

Gum recession is the process where your gums pull back to expose the root surfaces of your teeth. When your gums recede, your mouth becomes vulnerable to damage caused by bacteria and the threat of gum disease is prominent. There are a breadth of causes for receding gums and can include simple activities such as excessively rough brushing of teeth or poor oral hygiene.

For patients experiencing receding gums, we can manage the effects depending on the severity and causes of the receding gingiva. If you are experiencing a minor recession, then our specialists may advise an improved at-home oral hygiene routine. At this stage, there often remains some healthy gingiva protecting the tooth and consistent flossing, brushing and good oral hygiene habits can effectively prevent further receding and damage.

Cases of significant gum recession in patients must be addressed promptly by a specialist as exposed root surfaces can lead to root caries and root gouging. In order to manage severe cases of gum recession, our specialists may construct a treatment plan that includes a gingival graft procedure. This procedure is highly predictable and provides a secure, healthy band of attached tissue around the tooth.

If you’re suffering from receding gums, Dr Anthony Puljich will work with your individual case to create a treatment plan suited to you.

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