Managing Dental Implant Diseases

Managing Dental Implant Diseases

Dental Implants Offer A Revolutionary Solution

Dental implants offer a revolutionary solution to tooth loss by replacing your natural tooth root with a titanium screw that is permanent and can be a great option for many patients suffering with dental health problems that have caused tooth loss.

Dental implants are incredible in mimicking a natural tooth however, like our natural teeth, dental implants can be at risk of disease. While dental implants can present a long-term solution for tooth loss, it’s possible for complications to arise at any time throughout your dental implant journey.

Common dental implant complications include peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis, and some patients may be more at risk then others depending on their medical history. If you have previously suffered from periodontitis and are considering or have dental implants, then you could be at high risk of developing peri-implant disease.

Our specialists will work to manage dental implant diseases by building a preventative strategy in the dental implant planning stage to ensure a successful outcome. However, proper ongoing maintenance is imperative for long-term dental implant health.

A preventative maintenance plan will be constructed by our Dr Anthony Puljich based on your medical history and will work to eliminate risks of developing peri-implant disease. In addition to your preventative maintenance plan, there are a few simple actions you can embed within your lifestyle to ensure your dental implants are healthy and are not at risk of dental implant diseases. These include:

Practicing good dental hygiene
Maintaining good general health
Avoid smoking and chewing Tobacco
Having biannual dental check-ups and cleans

Managing dental implant disease is extremely important as a condition such as peri-implantitis can be highly destructive to your dental implants. Be sure to consult with our periodontist if you need further advice in managing dental implant diseases.

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