Tooth Debridement

Tooth Debridement

Dental Debridement

If biofilm, commonly known as plaque, is not removed from your teeth in as little as four to eight hours, it can group together to form tartar on your teeth and gums. Poor oral hygiene and missing regular oral examinations can cause these calculus deposits to become stubborn and further embedded in your tooth enamel. At this stage, a dental debridement may be required.

A Tooth debridement is a nonsurgical procedure performed to remove the extensive biofilm and calculus buildup from your teeth and under your gums. This procedure can be performed by our specialists with a comprehensive suite of handheld tools, or with an ultrasonic device and will have you leaving with a clean and healthy smile.

Periodontal debridement

If you’re suffering from Periodontitis, Periodontal debridement is imperative in the initial stages of periodontal therapy.

This procedure will address the Periodontal pockets formed under your gum line and remove the stubborn calculus that cannot be achieved in a general oral examination and clean.

If you’re in the early stages of periodontal disease, our specialists may only need to perform a Periodontal debridement. However, for severe cases of Periodontitis, periodontal surgery may be necessary to restore periodontal health.

While periodontal debridements can restore your gum health, maintaining healthy habits and good oral hygiene is of the utmost importance.

To further discuss periodontal debridement procedures and costs, book an examination with our specialists.

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