The peri-implant disease occurs as a result of pathological inflammatory changes within the tissue surrounding a load-bearing implant. As bacteria finds its way into the cavity between the abutment to which the implant is fixed and the implant itself, inflammation can occur causing harm to both the soft and hard tissues around the infected implant.

As peri-implantitis is caused by bacteria and food particles that gradually accumulate around dental implants and gum lines, it tends to grow unnoticed in its early stages. However, as it develops it can be detrimental to your oral health if it is not addressed. Therefore, it is imperative that our patients monitor the health of their dental implants and understand the early symptoms of Peri-implantitis.

Early signs of Peri-implantitis

Changes to the colour, bleeding or swelling of your gingiva (gums)
Probing depth of peri-implant pockets causing them to be loose
Suppuration in the mouth
Loss of bone height around the tooth
Bad breath and/or a foul taste in the mouth
Pain or fever
Difficulty chewing

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